Wright Express

Wright Express (WEX) needed expert Enterprise Java developers to help build the next generation of their online financial services product targeted at large corporate clients. The application had to communicate with a number of legacy systems and databases, and performance considerations were a high priority. WEX also wanted to encapsulate the back-end with a set of web services, to provide a common interface for various front-end systems to use.

WEX brought in Empirica's Ryan C and Dmitri D to work with in-house developers and other contractors to build a system that meets those goals. This is an ongoing project.

Quest Software

Quest had outsourced the development of Quest Communities, and was not satisfied with the result. The system was buggy and unreliable, and several key features were missing.

Quest brought in Empirica's Ryan C and Dmitri D to do a technical audit of the software and build system, and make the necessary changes to turn Quest Communities into a reliable, bug-free platform. Ryan and Dmitri also implemented several major new features, such as single sign-on integration, integration with the Wordpress MU blogging platform, and automated import of legacy data.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) had an out-of-date website that didn't allow it's customers to manage many aspects of a cruise itinerary without calling NCL's phone support staff. Not only was this incurring an unnecessary operational expense, NCL was falling behind the competition, and customers were demanding a more complete user experience.

NCL brought together a team of developers, including Empirica's Ryan C and Dmitri D, to build a new website, and an online booking engine to allow their customers to manage all aspects of an itinerary.


Kimmy-Lou Dog Wear

Kimmy-Lou Dog Wear needed a new online store. They had purchased a hosting package with a "built-in" store which proved to be buggy and extremely difficult to configure and manage. Their needs were pretty straightforward: a basic online store integrated with Paypal, and an administrative console to update product offerings, pricing details, etc., and to manage inventory.

We've been working closely with Kimmy-Lou and developing an easy-to-manage store that meets all her needs. We're looking forward to revealing the final product in the near future.

The Rock Garden Jamspaces

The Rock Garden rents rehearsal rooms and music equipment to musicians on an hourly basis. They contracted us to develop a combined scheduling and point-of-sale system to handle all aspects of the business's operations:

  • setting up, canceling, and rescheduling bookings
  • tracking equipment inventory, rentals, and returns
  • calculating total charges for a booking, including room/equipment rentals and purchases of guitar picks and other non-rental gear
  • tracking customer contact information, blacklists, etc.
  • financial reporting

This is an ongoing project.